School Volunteer Management Made Simple!

HelpCounter is the first and only school volunteer software that's easier for volunteers to use than the paper sign in sheets it replaces. Volunteers never have to remember numbers or codes, they just click on their name.

7:30AM Sunday 9-24-17 PDT

Expecting the application? We had to take the HelpCounter Program offline for a short time so we could perform some important server updates.

We expect to be back online by 9:30AM PDT.

We promise, we'll work as fast as we can!!!

COVID-19 Safe Touchless Sign-In


Touchless Sign-In so that visitors and volunteers never need to touch a mouse or keyboard to sign in and out. For contact tracking it will be more important than ever to keep track of who's been in your building, when, and where they went.

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Automatically Records Hours


HelpCounter automatically records hours as volunteers come and go from your building. It can log volunteers, visitors, and students. Volunteers may also record hours from home with a personal, secure log in.

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Who's In Your Building?


HelpCounter keeps volunteer, visitor, and student logs easily accessible from any computer. It will even take pictures of your visitors and keep them in the log. Make sure volunteers have a background check.

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Easy Quota Management for Private & Charter Schools

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Does your school assign hours quotas? Then you know how time consuming it is to manage. Whether it's individual quotas, family quotas, or quotas per student - HelpCounter does the heavy lifting. It will even email a monthly statement to your volunteers so they'll always know how they're doing. No more year end surprises.

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Organize and Communicate With Your Volunteers


Easily send emails to volunteers by their interests or their classroom, etc. Schedule volunteers for shifts at your events. Automatically send them reminders. Print reports of who's scheduled where and when.

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District Level Screening & Management


We simplify the entire process of the new volunteer application, background checking, and ongoing volunteer management. Records are kept in a single, easy to manage database.

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