In The Building

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Mobile volunteer portal for school volunteers using HelpCounter Volunteer Manager.

Your Mobile Volunteer Hub

This program establishes a link to personal volunteer information in their school's HelpCounter volunteer database. With it, volunteers may record hours volunteers, sign up for activities, update their volunteer interest form, and update their personal profile.

Upcoming Opportunities

Browse and filter a list of jobs and items needed at your school. Sign up for opportunities and share a link to it with other potential volunteers.

Record and Review Hours

Record what you did and how long you volunteered for. Review your volunteer history in a summary view. View your progress toward your school's volunteer hour quotas.

Indicate Your Interest

Help volunteer coordinators gauge interest in activities. Browse a list of activities available at your school and check the ones you would be interested in helping with.

Volunteer Profile

Keep your contact details up to date so volunteer coordinators can reach you.


Conveniently switch between managing multiple family members, change the language of the app to Spanish, and log out through the app's side menu.