Touchless Sign-In

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Volunteers and visitors can now sign into your school entirely with their phone without the need to touch a keyboard or mouse!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there an extra charge for this?

No, it is included at no extra charge with our standard license

Will we need any extra equipment

Only if you want to have it print paper badges touchless. Assuming you already have the Dymo Labelwriter Printer, the only new equipment would be a scanner that can read QR codes. These are commonly available for under $80. There has been an availability issue with models we've recommended so we now recommend contacting us when you are ready to purchase a scanner and we can advise what we find available at the time

Will this work with both Android and IPhones?

Yes, it will.

Can it take pictures of visitors and volunteers?

Yes, if your account is set to take those pictures, TouchLess Sign-In will use the selfie cam on the phone. You'll probably get better picture than with the traditional kiosk (at least maybe more entertaining).

Would you just sell us the QR code scanner?

We do not sell any hardware or supplies. We simply couldn't meet the price points, shipping times, and return policies of the big hardware suppliers. So we do what we do best - software and let you get the best value for your dollar from the people who do hardware best.

How do I set this up?

We are adding a new option to Setup & Preferences -> Main Setup. Once available, just check the appropriate boxes to enable this feature.

What if the visitor doesn't have a phone?

They can use the mouse and virtual keyboard method. The only thing they would need to touch is the mouse, and they could cover it with a tissue to prevent direct contact.

Does this install the program on their phone?

No, this is a web based application. They are basically visiting a secure website. No installation necessary and we do not install tracking cookies. We do not collect any personal information other than the information we collect on behalf of the school to sign them in.

Can the program access their phone's camera after signing in?

The program only uses the camera if you require visitor pictures and only while it's displaying it on screen. It shows a camera icon in the notification bar while its in use. We cannot and would not access the camera w/o their knowledge

We want our home tutors to sign in and sign out just like they would at school. Could this do that?

Yes, but be aware that if you only want to record hours w/o sign in and sign out times, our Home Access mobile app may be what you are looking for. You can find it in the Google Play Store and Apple App Store. That being said, if you want your volunteers to sign in when they start and sign out when they finish, then yes, this TouchLess Sign-In will do that. Just take a screen shot of the QR code from your kiosk and email that to your volunteers. They can use their phone to scan it directly from the email the same as if they were standing at the kiosk.

Can we add any custom data fields to help with contact tracing

At this point we are adding email and phone as required fields. If you have other fields you need, please let us know - other schools may need to collect that same information and as such, we would most likely add it.