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Easy to Use

HelpCounter has a kiosk screen that can replace the old paper sign in sheets at your school. And it's actually easier to use than those cumbersome paper logs it replaces. Volunteers just click on their name to sign in, and then click on their name when they're done. It's that simple.

Watch a Volunteer Sign In »

Reporting Made Simple

Now all your hours reports are just a few mouse clicks away. You see totals by volunteer, by activity, by classroom, by month, etc., etc.

Volunteer Histories

Volunteer histories are easy to access and full of detail. You can instantly access a volunteer's history by school year or calendar year. Even calling data from previous school years.

Does Their Employer Contribute?

Many employers will support volunteering by their employees. Some will pay the employees for the volunteering time and some will even write your school a check for these hours (we wish they all did that!). HelpCounter makes it easy to keep track of volunteers by their employers so that you can instantly run a report of all the volunteer hours by employer. Plus, these reports are created dynamically so if you add a volunteer to the list in the middle of the year, just re-run the report - it will now include all their hours even from before.

Do You Have Family Quotas?

Many charter and private schools have minimum hours quotas set for the volunteers. These can be a nightmare to manage, especially if you need to track mom, dad, grandma, uncles, etc. and add their hours together for the family. HelpCounter does all this for you, automatically. It even adds mom's, dad's, grandma's, and uncle's hours together to monitor the family quota.

HelpCounter will even send your families an email every month letting them know how they are doing against their Seriously, if you are tracking family quotas manually, you should immediately click over and start a trial HelpCounter account right now. It'll be the best thing you do all day.

Need Hours Tracked by Student?

Increasingly, schools are needing to track volunteer hours by student. Especially charter schools. HelpCounter makes this easy by letting you associate students and guardians so that hours volunteered by parents or guardians can be automatically reported for the students. The picture is from an actual reports showing family hours by student. The names have been greyed out for privacy.

Do You Have to Send Reports to the District Office?

HelpCounter School District module allows district administrators to have an instant real time view of hours for all schools in the district using HelpCounter. This means the schools no longer need to send these reports to the district. This is a real timesaver for school staff.

Celebrate Milestones

Volunteers are thanked right on the screen when they pass milestones that you set. You'll receive An E-Mail notification of their accomplishment. Principals love to be copied on these e-mails so they can personally thank volunteers. It's a great touch.