District Level Management

HelpCounter offers district level control!

Schools operate their individual HelpCounter accounts almost complete autonomously as they would with individual accounts, yet district has control approval and addition of volunteers.

Volunteer privileges may be revoked district wide instantly. Volunteers are tracked district wide, preventing volunteers who shouldn't be approved from gaming the system by applying at multiple schools.

District Features

Volunteer Screening & Approval

Fast and Easy Background Checking

Monitor Itinerent District Staff

See Who's Signed In District Wide

Real Time District Wide Volunteer Hours and Statistics

New Volunteer Application

The volunteer approval process starts with the New Volunteer Application. In four easy steps, your new volunteer fills out their contact info, background check disclosures, student info, selects schools, and an interest form for each school selected

Step 1 - Contact and Background Check Info

The contact info is pretty basic. But we can customize the info collected for background checking and criminal disclosures to match your existing new volunteer application and what's already been approved by your legal department. We try to make it easy for you, and we usually succeed.

Step 2 - Student Info

Collecting student info helps us assign the new volunteer to schools and helps the school's volunteer coordinator.

Step 3 - Confirm School Selection

Schools are automatically selected based on their student info, but what if they don't have students? Or what if they work for a company that has partnered with a particular school? In this step they can personally select any schools of their choice.

Last Step - Sign Up For Activities

Once schools are selected, HelpCounter will automatically present the Interest Form for each school. Data is pulled automatically from the schools current activity list dynamically.

Process this new pending volunteer

Now it's in your hands. You will receive an email that you have a new 'pending' volunteer. Log into the 'district' page and process the new volunteer. If you use our background checking service, you can do the background check with just a couple mouse clicks.

Run the background check.

Running the background check is just a couple mouse clicks. If no records are found, you can just add the volunteer. If records are found, we assign it to a researcher to verify the results. They figure out if it was just a false match, or if this person actually has a criminal record. In this case, the research will arrive the next day, and the findings will be translated into a language that's easily understood - not legaleze. If they stole a car, that is what it will say, rather than some code number.

Save The Results

Add the new volunteer to the district database. You can add them as 'approved' or not. If you approve them, the schools they selected will receive a notification of their new volunteer. The volunteer themself will receive an email welcoming them as a volunteer. The email can include any attachments or links you might require for volunteer standards or code of conduct, etc.