It doesn't have to be complicated.

Convenient Access to Information

The Volunteer Profile keeps all volunteer information in a central location and all reports are automatically updated with any changes.

Track volunteers with Employer Matching programs to make the most of those important opportunities.

Track volunteers in special programs like OASIS, SMART Readers, etc...

Easily Update Interest Forms

Organize the entire year in just a few hours, not days.

Entering data from your volunteer interest forms is fast and painless.

Organize activities by classroom and quickly assign volunteers to just the right classrooms.

Add volunteers to activities by just checking a few boxes. All rosters and reports are automatically updated.

Volunteer Rosters Are a Snap

HelpCounter will automatically and simply maintain your committee and activity rosters.

Print out rosters or e-mail them to activity chairs as a convenient spreadsheet.

Volunteer contact information is included on every roster and is automatically updated by volunteer's profile.

Emailing Couldn't Be Simpler

Quickly send an E-Mail to:

  • Everyone
  • Volunteers who said they would help
  • Volunteers who did help
  • Volunteers by activity
  • Volunteers by classroom
  • And many more options

Lots of Ways to Recruit

They pop up when volunteers first sign in.

HelpCounter keeps track of who's seen the pop up so volunteers only see the message once.

Volunteer responses are e-mailed directly to the activity chair and have full contact information.

Versatile Hours Reporting

Whether it's a top down summary or a report for a specific activity. HelpCounter reports hours by quota, by student, by classroom, by activity, etc., etc.